Saturday, October 25, 2014 – 10 AM to 4 PM

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Our 8th Consecutive Year where you can join hundreds of college audio students, faculty, alumni and local industry pros for a full saturday of Tutorials, Workshops, Seminars and Panel Discussions on Audio.

Put on by the AES Education Committee to promote student membership in the Audio Engineering Society, BADASS 2014 is open to all interested audiophiles.

This is a FREE event!

Past Exhibitors Include: Analog Craftsman, Audio Alchemist, Audio.StudioShare, Auralex, BBE, Bose, Boston AES, Boston Pro Tools Users Group, Cakewalk, Cengage Publishing, Cymatic Audio LR16 recorder, Dr. Erik Brizee, Eve monitors, Fingerprint Audio, Fishman, Focal Press, GC Pro, Genelec, Guzauski Swist Audio Systems, Izotope, KLOTZ cables, Manley Transformers, Melodyne, Mogami, Parsons Audio, Performer Magazine, Pro Audio Design, Richard King Associates, The Rec Room, Rupert Neve Designs, sE Electronics, Sennheiser, Shure, Sonic-Space, Tannoy, Telefunken,The Record Company, Tronical guitar tuner, TruNorth Music & Sound, Vintage King Audio and many more.

Past Presenters Include: Gunther Schuller, Don Puluse, Jim Anderson, Dave Moulton, Dave Mattacks, Alex Case, Brian McKeever, Luke Smith, Carlo Libertini, Mark Rubel, Jonathan Pines, Ian Corbett, David Lefkowitz, Adam Brass, Dan Cantor, Sean McLaughlin, Sean Slade, Susan Rogers, Tai Irwin, John Lay, Andrea Pejrolo, David Missall, Stephen Webber, Jay Frigoletto, Jay Franze, Pete Peloquin, Julian David, William Maynard, Gary Gottlieb, Rich Curtis, Matthew Ellard, David Malekpour, Neil Miller, Barry Marshall, Fadi Hayek and many more!